Birthday Speech Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Birthdays are the time of celebrations, fun, happiness and joy. The time when you want to be with your family, friends and all those who were and are important in your life. After all the fun is done, birthday bumps given, candles blown, cake eaten and balloons burst, it's time to thank everyone for being there for you. Take time to perfect the ultimate speech.

For the Birthday Boy/Girl

It's your special day so keep your speech for the end. Thank everyone for attending your party and showering you with beautiful gifts and wishes. Also thank the person who organised your party. Reflect on the past a bit and tell guests about some important moments of your life. You can also talk about your struggles and how your family and friends supported you through everything. If you are reaching a milestone age like 30 or 40 make a joke or two about the people of this age, but try and keep it lighthearted. Keep the speech short and sweet.

For the Host

A host is expected to speak at the beginning of a party so try to keep your speech short but entertaining so the guests do not feel bored. Prepare the speech keeping in mind how private the affair is, whether it is informal with just family and close friends or an informal event with colleagues. Speak about the celebrant's personality or achievements but don't mention his or her age unless it's a milestone birthday. Avoid calling the celebrant by his or her pet name in the presence of colleagues. Don't say anything that could be embarrassing for the birthday boy or girl, or the guests. Keep the humour genuine and lighthearted and don't try to be overtly funny. Do point toward the other attractions of the day such as games, dinner or a barbecue. In the end thank the guests for being there at the party and propose a toast to the birthday boy or girl.

For the Guest

First and foremost, thank the host for the invitation and the opportunity to make a speech. Talk about the celebrant's personality, his or her behaviour, hobbies, or likes and dislikes. Also mention his or her talents. If you are a colleague you can talk about his or her dedication at the office and how quick he or she is in meeting deadlines.

It's best to prepare for the speech in advance, making notes so you don't fumble while speaking.

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