Tile Design Ideas for En Suite Bathrooms

Updated November 21, 2016

En suite bathrooms offer the convenience of being attached to a bedroom, but this luxury also creates a design dilemma. Rooms within a home, especially those that are attached, should have design flow from one to the next. You can apply this concept to en suite bathrooms by incorporating tile designs that match the attached bedroom's design theme.

Colors and Similar Materials

Reviewing the materials and colours in the bedroom that has the en suite bathroom gives you a good starting point for deciding how to design the attached bathroom. Using a flooring tile that is similar to or the same as the bedroom is a simple way to tie the two rooms together. For instance, if you have marble floors in the bedroom, use a marble tile in the bathroom that has the same shade as the bedroom flooring. Tiles are often made from ceramic, marble, glass or granite, but you can find hardwood tiles to assist you in progressing a bedroom's hardwood flooring into the en suite bathroom.

Tile Details

Tiles, no matter the material, are available in an array of sizes, shapes and colours, which allow you to add complementary tile details to your bathroom. You can frame objects on the bathroom wall such as a mirror, wall images and an electrical switch, or create a focal point of nicely arranged tiles as a backsplash that encompasses the entire room. Choose a colour for the tile that is used throughout the bedroom. If you want to add a border to certain bathroom features, use just that colour tile for the framing. Adding a backsplash and border around the bathroom allows you a little more flexibility to use a series of shades that corresponds to the colours used in the bedroom.

Shower or Tub Lining

The shower or bathtub in a bathroom is often the focal point in a room; therefore, enhancing it with tiling that is similar to the design in the attached bedroom helps the two rooms decoratively flow. You can line all the corresponding shower or tub walls with a single shade that matches the bedroom, or line the entire area with a neutral tone and include custom tile designs. If you choose to create an image within the wall tiling, use colours and shapes represented in the bedroom. Make a square-like design if the bedroom has furniture with sharp, straight lines, or create images with movement if the bedroom has rounded features.

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