Adult Dirtbike Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Dirt bike birthday cakes aren't just for children. Celebrate the big day of your favourite dirt bike enthusiast with a homemade cake. Look for candies, cereal, cookies and other edible treats in your pantry to simulate items you might find on a dirt bike track to decorate your cake.

Dirt Bike Cake Toppers

Plastic dirt bike cake toppers can be ordered online or found in some cake decorating stores. These cake toppers quickly transform any cake into an appropriate birthday cake for a dirt bike fan. If you have some artistic skill, you can try creating your own dirt bike toppers from gum paste or candy clay. These claylike substances are both edible, although candy clay is much more flavourful than gum paste. Refer to a picture of a dirt bike when sculpting your edible dirt bike cake toppers and use the birthday recipient's favourite colours to craft his dirt bike.

Simple Dirt Bike Track Cake

Decorate any shape or size of birthday cake with an edible dirt bike track. Frost the cake with green frosting to represent grass or with chocolate frosting to represent dirt. Crush chocolate sandwich cookies or chocolate graham crackers into coarse crumbs and gently press the crumbs into the cake's frosting to form a round, oval or figure-eight shaped track. Add a few dirt bike cake toppers to the cookie crumb track to finish the cake.

Sculpted Dirt Bike Track Cake

Impress an adult dirt bike enthusiast with a challenging sculpted dirt bike track cake. Start with at least two layers of cake sandwiched together with a layer of buttercream frosting. Freeze the cake for approximately 30 minutes to reduce the amount of crumbling and breaking during the carving process. Carefully cut away parts of the cake with a serrated knife to create low areas on your dirt bike track. Save the pieces of cake you remove and attach the to other parts of the cake with frosting to create hills. Don't worry if the cake looks a little messy when you are finished carving. Spread a layer of frosting over the cake to seal in all of the crumbs. Decorate the cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate cookie crumbs and add detail with round chocolate cereal or candy to resemble rocks.

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