Decoration Ideas for an 18th Birthday Party

Updated February 21, 2017

An 18th birthday is a milestone event. It marks the official transformation from adolescence to adulthood and is met with new and exciting privileges and responsibilities, such as voting, gambling and being able to serve in the military. If you know someone who is turning 18, you may be considering throwing a birthday party to celebrate the special day. If so, there are several decoration ideas you can consider to make the affair a memorable one.

Blast from the Past

Pay tribute to yesteryear by decorating the party in a theme that pays homage to the honoree's childhood. Those turning 18 today were born in the early 1990s. Bring in elements that call to mind this era. Bold colours were all the rage in the '90s---jade green, cobalt blue and bright yellow. Balloons, streamers and table cloths in these colours are an ideal. Use toys that were favourites during the '90s---such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Furby and Elmo---as centrepieces for tables. On the walls, hang posters of television shows and movies that were popular during the '90s---"Full House," "Family Matters," "Aladdin" and "The Lion King," for example. Another idea is to frame childhood pictures of the guest of honour and display them around the party area.

Fit for a Celebrity

The guest of honour will feel like a celebrity at a party decorated like a night club. A red carpet and red velvet roping placed at the entrance of the party are an ideal way to greet guests. Blow up a picture of the birthday boy or girl, write, "tonight, featuring (insert honoree's name)" on the picture and display it on a stand at the door. Inside, black lights, strobe lights and disco balls help to set the mood. Blow up more pictures of the guest of honour and display them around the space, as if he or she is a celebrity. For seating, folding chairs covered in white or silver add to the decor.


If the guest of honour is a fan of all things tropical, consider decorating the party to resemble a luau. Inflatable palm trees placed around the party area or pictures of palm trees hung on the walls help to set the mood. Set up a tiki bar, where guests are served non-alcoholic, tropical inspired drinks in coconut cups. Tiki torches and strings of twinkling lights help to create ambience. Adorn the tables with centrepieces of tropical flowers. Drape the tables and chairs in Hawaiian printed fabrics. Other Hawaiian-inspired elements---such as tiki masks, pineapples and flamingos---can be placed around the area to add to the theme.

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