Catwalk model diets

Updated April 17, 2017

Catwalk models are a breed of woman with near impossible measurements. They must be extremely tall usually in the range from 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet tall and extremely thin with waists in the 22- to 26-inch range and hips between 33 and 35 inches. To keep their already thin figures in fat-free condition, many models subsist on diets consisting of little more than diet soda and cigarettes. For the ones that do eat, there are nutrition principles that many follow that include low calorie, no-sugar, no-carb plans.

Extreme Calorie Restriction

To preserve the type of body that designers clamour to clothe, catwalk models typically subsist on far less food than the average human being. Calorie restrictive diets are a staple of working in the fashion industry. Breakfasts of coffee (no milk, no sugar), lunches of diet soda, and dinners of martinis are often joked about, and just as often followed by models desirous of a weightless frame. Extremely low calorie foods such as egg whites, vegetables, and salads (without dressing). Water and unsweetened tea is also favoured by models that want to keep their skin glowing while starving themselves.

The Model Diet

The Model Diet is a plan conceived by models working in the industry to keep waistlines in shape for work without depriving them of food completely. The plan utilises both calorie restriction and detoxing. Super low calorie foods to fill up on include popcorn (no salt, no butter), Jello, and banana slices. Detoxing includes eating only organic fruits and vegetables, staying away from dairy, chocolate, bread, alcohol and pickled or canned fruit. Drinking lots of water to keep skin hydrated is important because these diets aren't necessarily nutrient rich. Also, a good deal of green tea is consumed as it's believed to promote weight loss.

Keeping Toned While Eating Next to Nothing

Despite the fact that models are eating little more than enough to keep them alive, they often exercise like regular athletes. In addition to complex dieting rituals, models usually follow intense workout regimens to compliment their eating habits. Hours spent toning their perfect mid sections and keeping their ultra long legs lean through resistance training and cardio workouts are an important step in making the most of their calorie-restrictive diets.

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