Garden pond design ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Garden ponds add depth and variety to any landscape, and there are many different ways to design them. Some ponds fit better in small back yards, while a large yard can benefit from a long, river-style pond. Whatever style you choose, a pond can transform a back yard into a serene environment.

River-style pond

Create a river-style pond by digging a long, rectangle-shaped hole that extends through your yard. Be sure to stop digging before the edge of your yard so you can still walk around the pond. Place large rocks and small pebbles inside your pond. Choose rocks that are large enough to stand slightly above the water. Plant grass on the ground around your pond. Include flowers such as tulips or buttercups along the edge for even more visual appeal and to make the pond resemble a river.

Pond with a bridge

Dig a circular hole that is 1.5 metres (5 feet) or larger in diameter in the middle of your yard. Position large rocks along the border and plant your favourite flowers, such as African violets or daisies, along the edge. Place one or two more rocks in the water; fill the pond with fish, if you like. Buy a pre-built wooden bridge or make one yourself to extend over the pond. A small bridge will provide visual appeal, but a larger one will be practical, too: people can actually cross it, depending on the size of your yard and pond.

Floating flower garden pond

Dig a circular or oval-shaped hole in the centre or corner of your yard, depending on your preference. In the spring, plant seeds for species that grow in muddy water -- such as water lilies and lotus flowers -- 18 cm (6 inches) deep at the bottom of the hole. Fill the hole with water, and flowers will spring up through your pond within a few months. Plant other flowers along the border of your pond to complete the look.

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