Unique ways to hang curtains

Updated April 17, 2017

If a homeowner or designer is tired of her plain curtain rods, there are several ways to create more unique, distinctive curtain hangers. Since curtain rods can add a special touch to your window treatments, homeowners and designers are always looking for new and different ways to hang curtains.

Wire Cable Hangers

Those who are looking for a modern twist on their traditional curtain rods can use wire cable hangers. Wire cable hangers are a sleek and contemporary option for hanging curtains. Homeowners and designers who decide to use these hangers will have to hang the wire with eye screws or wire rope clips. Eye screws and rope clips can be attached to the end of each window frame. The top of the curtain can then be threaded through the wire and hung on the window.

For those who are looking to break up a large, open room, wire cable hangers and curtains are a unique and creative solution. Homeowners can attach a wire cable across an entire room and hang a curtain. This will create another area that can almost seem like a separate "room."

Coat Hooks

Another unique alternative to curtain hangers is coat hooks. Instead of using traditional curtain hangers, homeowners can place coat hooks on the side of each window frame. They can then drape the curtain on each hook and allow the curtain to hang off of both sides. Homeowners can also attach curtains through a simple rod and place the rod on top of the coat hooks.

This interesting and quick solution can easily be used by those who have extra coat hooks around the house. In order to complement the decor of the room, homeowners can paint the coat hooks to match the colour of the walls or accessories.

Door Knobs

Door knobs are another creative solution for curtain hangers. Homeowners can use leftover door knobs that are lying around the house or they can find unique knobs at antique stores or thrift shops. The door knobs can then be attached to the top of each side of the window. After the knobs are screwed to the window, homeowners or designers can use fabric ties to attach the curtains. If the style of the room is contemporary or modern, it is best to use simple, sleek door knobs. If the room is more eclectic in style, homeowners can use patterned or coloured door knobs.

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