Wild Things to Do in Amsterdam

Updated November 21, 2016

Amsterdam is a city known for its diversity and liberal beliefs. Not only is Amsterdam home to the Red Light District and laws that are legal in very few areas of the world, such as smoking marijuana, displaying pornography publicly and hiring prostitutes legally, but it's also the home to classic architecture, diverse food, historic art, colourful scenery and a very diverse and tolerant culture. Visitors from all over the world travel to Amsterdam for a wild and totally unique experience.

Red Light District

Visit the Red Light District, which Amsterdam is famous for. Aside from the narrow alleyways full of pornography, drugs and prostitution, which is legal and now regulated by the government, this district also provides music of every genre playing out of street venues, an array of nightclubs and bars, cinemas and Chinatown, which is known for its authentic Chinese cuisine. During Chinese New Year, each restaurant sets off firecrackers in order to remove evil spirits from the area.

Queen's Day

Visit Amsterdam on Queen's Day, which is on April 30 every year. According to the website "," over 1 million people visit Amsterdam on this day, because anything goes. People can sell anything on the streets without obtaining a license first, live music and deejays are all over the city playing music for the guests, people create floats to ride down the streets in, dress in costumes, dance and sing in the streets, and so much more.

Bike Rental

Rent a bike at night, when the bridges, canals, streets and alleyways are aglow with lights. On a bike, you can ride along the Amstel River and inside Amsterdam Bos, a local park, or you could create a pub crawl from the 1,200 pubs and numerous nightclubs that fill the city. Visit the Heineken brewery to see how the beer is made, visit Waag, which is a bar inside what once formed the city wall or visit famous clubs, such as Mazzo, Lux, Paradiso and more. A bike allows you to see more of the city in a smaller amount of time.

Cannabis College

Visit Cannabis College, which is a clearinghouse unlike any other college or museum you'll ever visit. Here, you can read accurate information about cannabis and also read about the thousands of uses available for it. You can view clothes, cosmetics, food and more that were made with cannabis and you can try ingesting this plant through two electronically controlled vaporisers that make the plant healthier and safer to consume than other methods of ingestion. A large indoor marijuana garden is available to view below the college.

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