The Water Plants for a Koi Pond

Written by alexis dawes
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The Water Plants for a Koi Pond
There are certain plants that belong in a koi pond. (koi pond image by MPH from

It's a good idea to keep water plants in your koi pond for a couple of reasons. Floaters, like lilies for example, use the nutrients in the water to grow. These plants take nutrients away from harmful algae, which in turn helps keep the pond water more liveable for your koi. Your fish shouldn't be kept in direct sunlight, so the water plants for a koi pond also protect them from the glaring sun. Adding plants to your koi pond can also make it more beautiful.

Hardy Pond Lilies

Yes, they come in a multitude of colours so they're beautiful to look at, and yes, they do have a fragrant smell. But that's not why your koi will appreciate hardy pond lilies. They're great for koi ponds because they grow horizontally, giving your fish friends a little extra protection from predators and the hot sun. The protective covering also helps maintain the pond's water temperature, which keeps the fish comfortable. Plant hardy pond lilies in a decent amount of heavy garden soil in the early spring, and fertilise every four to six weeks. They'll bloom until September, when they become dormant during the winter months. The following spring they will begin to bloom again.

Jumbo Water Hyacinth

These floating pond plants will help keep your pond shaded, but they have an even more interesting purpose. Jumbo water hyacinth can remove nitrate and ammonia from your pond water, keeping it clean and healthy for your koi fish. Just put them onto the surface of your pond and let them float. If your jumbo water hyacinth are shipped to you, place them in the water, but keep them in the shade for the first few days after they arrive. They may have lost fluid in the mail and are prone to burning in the sun. After a few days you can let them float free in your pond. Now keep in mind that koi love to nibble on the root tips of jumbo water hyacinth. That's perfectly fine except for the fact that koi can eat them to the point of destruction, so you may have to replenish your jumbo water hyacinth collection frequently.

Flowering Bog Plants

Flowering bog plants are also known as flowering marginals because they're grown around edges (the margins) of a pond. Besides providing a hiding place for fish, they also attract hummingbirds and butterflies, which can add to the beauty of your koi pond. They come in many different varieties including the cardinal flower, pickerel rush and white water hibiscus. Plant them in shallow water, under wet mud. Just make sure you don't cover the crown when planting them.

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