Fat Camps for Kids in the United Kingdom

Updated April 17, 2017

Fat camps, also called weight loss camps or fitness camps, have become more popular in the United Kingdom with the increasing awareness of the prevalence of childhood obesity. Some camps are residential while others work with kids in an isolated summer camp environment. Still others are day camps that kids can attend by themselves or with a parent. All teach young people about healthy habits like exercise and nutrition.

Wellspring UK

Wellspring UK Weight Loss Camp is located in southwest England on the Streatham Campus of Exeter University. Campers take advantage of the renovated boarding facilities, classrooms and fitness facilities. Wellspring offers kids, teens and young adults ages 11 through 24 summer camp programs that focus on long-term lifestyle changes with the goal of healthy weight loss. Campers participate in activities, games, sports and fun with friends as well as cooking and nutrition instruction and personal training. Some activities include dancing, canoeing, rock climbing, biking, swimming, yoga and more.

Campers also get the opportunity to venture off the campus to explore Devon County, local rivers and the nearby coastline. Wellspring UK camps are divided into two programs, Upper Camp and Lower Camp. Upper Camp is designed for young adults ages 18 through 24, and Lower Camp is for kids and teens 11 through 18. The staff works with each camper to help them uncover underlying issues of weight gain and give them new ways to cope that don't involve unhealthy eating. Wellspring UK campers can stay four, six or eight weeks during the summer.

Wellspring UK Exeter University, Streatham Campus Northcote House Exeter EX4 4QJ UK +07999 657120

Platinum Training: Kids' Fitness Boot Camp

Platinum Training is a personal training service in London that primarily works with adults on a one-on-one basis, but also offers Kids' Fitness Boot Camps during school holidays. Fitness boot camps are held in weeklong day sessions. Each day, campers get a healthy lunch in the park and three hours of boot camp training. The fitness camps accept 10 kids per session. Platinum Training focuses on helping kids achieve or maintain a healthy weight through regular physical activity. Personal trainers will also discuss healthy eating with the children.

Platinum Training +44-07764-194879

Synergy Fitness Camps

Synergy Kids' Fitness Camps in Liverpool works with kids who want to be more active, get fit and build confidence. Kids' Fitness Camps are day sessions held on Saturday mornings. One session is for kids only, and includes activities and physical challenges. A second session is designed for kids and their parents to have fun while being active together.

Synergy Fitness Camps 27 Lord St. Liverpool, L2 9SA +015-227-2892

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