Robot school projects

Updated February 21, 2017

School projects based around robots can be exciting ways for kids to learn and get creative. Many kids today love robots, so finding out some provocative ideas for projects on robots can be an effective way to get their interest and give them a project they can really enjoy.

Cardboard Robot

Making a cardboard robot can be an interesting and simple way for kids to design their own technological friend. By using a cardboard box, other small pieces of cardboard. and crafts supplies, making a cardboard robot can be easy. Once you've glued it all together, use acrylic latex paint to colour your robot however you want.

Inventing a Robot

Inventing your own robot can be something creative for kids to do, while they learn a little bit about technology. Kids can research different kinds of robots and how they work, and come up with their own based on research. They can display their idea on a storyboard, make models with foam and cardboard, and present their robots to the class.

Earth-Friendly Robot

For a project that not only involves robots but helps the Earth, too, try making a robot out of recycled products and trash. This is a great way to get creative, while being Earth friendly. You can make your robot body out of tin cans or old cereal boxes or cover it with used foil. Use things like bottle caps and coat buttons for eyes and robot buttons.

Robot Costume

Another intriguing robot project that's perfect to do around Halloween is to have kids make their own robot costume. You can do this easily using large cardboard boxes, homemade tin foil hats and some inspiration. Do this in groups, or have kids make their costumes at home and come in to show them off. They can even vote on best costume and other fun categories, like most creative, most realistic, and so forth.

Simple Robots

Have kids try to make simple robots, using household appliances. This can be a challenge, but once the creativity gets flowing it can be a lot of fun. You could use a clock and build a cardboard robot around it, for a robot clock. Use a motorised toy car and build your robot on that for one that can move easily. The possibilities are endless, so use this project to yield some interesting results.

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