Dove Paper Plate Crafts

Written by jophiel aurora | 13/05/2017
Dove Paper Plate Crafts
To some people, doves represent hope, faith, and innocence. (white doves and rainbow image by robert mobley from

Beautiful white doves are a symbol of peace for many people around the world. Doves, a species of pigeons, are intelligent birds that were used as messengers by Greeks, Romans, and other civilisations. Doves are no longer used to carry messages to friends and love ones; but, they still enchant children--and some adults. Children can bring the symbol of the dove into your home by creating paper dove crafts.

Flying Paper Dove

Change a plain plastic spoon and paper plates into a dove in flight in just a few minutes with this simple craft. Cut a white paper plate in half, use half for the body and cut the other into three equal wedges. Tape the wedges to the bottom of the first plate half as tail feathers. Tape two plastic spoons together for the head and neck of the dove, sandwich a small pebble between them to provide a weight to help the bird "fly." Draw a face on the top of the spoon using markers and tape the neck of the spoon to the bottom of the paper plate half.

Hanging Peace Dove

Draw an outline of a dove's body on stiff paper or on a paper plate. Cut out the bird and cut slits on both sides of the body. Take the second piece of paper or plate and cut it in half for the wings. Make the wings by folding each piece of paper like an accordion and cutting the edges of the paper. Insert the wings or accordion paper into each slit on the paper bird and secure it with tape. For the tail feathers, tape another fan-shaped piece of paper to the back of the dove. Draw eyes on the face of the dove and attach string to the body of the dove for hanging. Children may choose to decorate the dove using glitter and glue.

White Card Dove

Draw a shape of a dove onto a piece of white card or paper plate. Cut out the dove and draw in details using a gold pen or any colour marker. Fold a piece of flat white paper 1/2 inch wide, turn it over, and continue to fold it until all of the paper is folded. Cut a slit in the centre of the dove to hold the wings into place. Insert the folded paper into the slit and secure it with white glue. To hang the dove, punch a hole through the top of the wings and insert the thread.

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