Children's Activities for Road Safety

Updated June 26, 2018

Road safety is an important concept for kids to learn at a very young age. Road safety activities hold the potential of preventing serious injury or even death by teaching children how to behave near roads. Start the activities as early as possible and continue reviewing them each year. Get the parents involved by offering some of the activity suggestions for them to do at home.

Kid City

The kid city activity gives the kids a chance to practice road safety on a smaller scale. The activity works best in a large area such as a gym or an outdoor play area. Mark the roads with long strips of paper such as the kind that comes on large rolls. Draw a line down the middle to make the paper resemble roads. Lay out the roads to make intersections. Make road signs using wrapping paper tubes as the poles and cardboard as the signs. Place the signs around the miniature city. The kids walk or ride bikes around the kid city to practice the road safety rules. If you have a large basketball court or other concrete surface outside, use sidewalk chalk to make the roads.

Safe or Unsafe

Let the kids decide which activities are safe near the road. Create picture cards with various situations that deal with road safety. Choose both safe and unsafe examples. Ideas for safe situations include a child wearing his helmet and pads while biking, a child strapped into a car seat, a child holding his mom's hand as he crosses the road or a child obeying a traffic sign on his bike. Unsafe examples include a child running into the street without looking, a child biking without any protection or a child not wearing a seat belt in a car. The kids decide if each picture is safe or unsafe. This allows them to apply what they learnt about road safety to new situations.

Class Book

A class book lets the kids apply their road safety knowledge into a written format. Get the kids involved in creating the pictures for the book. Have the kids pose demonstrating various road safety situations. Take photos of the students that will be used to make the book. The class then adds text to go along with the pictures that will describe basic road safety concepts. Bind the book and keep it in the classroom so the kids can review the concepts and see themselves in the book.

Traffic Sign Review

Traffic signs aren't just for drivers. The kids need to understand the different road signs so they know how to proceed and what to expect from the cars. Make a model of different road signs such as stop, yield, pedestrian crossing, school zones, one way streets, no U-turns and do not enter. Practice with the kids by holding up the signs and having them tell you what they mean. You can also make colour cards to practice the meanings of different colours on road signs.

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