Ideas for a teen's birthday outing

Updated February 21, 2017

Once your child is past the character birthday themes, she may want to invite a few friends and go somewhere special. Enjoying an outing together is a fun way for a teen to celebrate his birthday with friends, and this celebration may feel a little more grown up than a typical birthday party.

Movie Party

Everyone loves going to the movies, and it's a great idea for a birthday excursion. Check the movie listings and find out what will be showing the weekend your son is planning his party. Get to the theatre in advance and "reserve" seating for your "VIP" guests. (Talk to theatre manager beforehand to get the OK on this.) Let everyone pick out a drink and a snack and enjoy the movie. You could have your birthday cake afterward in a reserved party room.

Bowling Party

Bowling is fun for everyone and a great way to celebrate a teen's birthday. Most bowling alleys have special nights such as Rock 'n Roll bowling or Glow in the Dark bowling. Plan your teen's party on one of these nights to enhance the fun. Bring the birthday cake with you, and everyone can enjoy their cake while they bowl to the music.

Skating Party

Whether it's ice skating or roller skating, young people love to skate. Most rinks have special tables so you can bring your cake and drinks. Everyone can skate to the music and enjoy the atmosphere. Bring your own skates or rent some, and have a ball out on the rink. All ages, even adults, can enjoy skating.

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