Prom Surprise Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are a member of your high school's prom committee, you may be thinking about how you can help make this year's prom better than all others. One way to do that is to include an element of surprise for the student body. You can hint to the surprise through your prom ads and even on the prom programs. You can use the "surprise" as a marketing tool to entice students to buy prom tickets. But you must deliver a great surprise if you promote it.

Surprise Musical Guest or Entertainers

Work your connections among your friends and in your community. If there is a surprise musical guest or group of entertainers that you can get to drop by or agree to oversee the music for the night, then you will give students a surprise they will not forget anytime soon. The band does not have to be a nationally known band. In small towns and large cities, there are favourite local bands that students will be excited to hear perform. Also, proms often use DJs, so you could use a DJ as the standard entertainment and then have a live act as part of the surprise. If you cannot get a "surprise band," then consider hiring a group of dancers or performers that fit your theme to do a mid-prom performance.

Surprise Gifts

Hold a raffle, and give away prizes to prom goers. It can be big, like making the grand prize a new car. Or it can be small, like providing every junior and senior student who attends the prom a giveaway bag. You can work with local merchants to fill the bags. Make sure the bag has at least one "prime" item, such as a mini DVD player. Offer the gifts to students as they leave the prom.

Surprise Post-Prom Breakfast

Before students head off into the night, announce a surprise, post-prom breakfast that is free to everyone. Have the breakfast set up in a room adjoining the prom room, and provide breakfast foods and juices for all. To build a "coolness factor," invite the senior class from the year before to come back and serve the prom attendees. This will start a tradition and make the post-prom breakfast a safe, fun option for all students.

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