Cake ideas for 70th birthday parties

Updated April 17, 2017

Celebrate her 70th birthday by creating a cake as special as the birthday girl herself. Whether the cake is homemade or professionally baked, elegant, whimsical or sentimental, choose from 70th birthday cake ideas that will be second only to the birthday person as the star of the party.

Number '70' Cake

Bake a cake in the shape of the number 70. Purchase number 7 and number 0 cake pans. Bake any desired flavour of cake according to the recipe. If you are feeding a large crowd, consider baking a number 70 layer cake. To create a layer cake, bake as many cakes as you wish to have layers. Top the first cake with filling then stack a second cake on top. Repeat this process for as many layers as you need. Another option for feeding a crowd with a number cake is to bake a large rectangle sheet cake, frost it and then centre the number 70 cake atop the sheet cake. Display the number 70 on a cake without using cake pans. Prepare a sheet cake and decorate with chocolate covered strawberries arranged on top to form the number 70.

Giant Cupcake

A sweet way to celebrate is with a cake that is reminiscent of childhood. Bake a giant cupcake using a giant cupcake mould. A fun idea is to bake an elegant cake recipe such as red velvet or mocha butter cream cake. This will honour the adult palate while appealing to the eye of the whimsy. For a large crowd, present this cake on a table or tray surrounded by seventy individual standard sized cupcakes.

Ribbon Pull Charm Cake

Often seen at weddings, the ribbon pull charm cake can also be a sentimental activity combined with a sweet dessert at the 70th birthday party. Ask guests to contribute a charm to celebrate the life of the birthday person. Attach these to numbered or coloured ribbons, creating a list of which ribbon to pull for each charm. Insert them into the cake, using a stick or skewer, leaving only one end of the ribbon outside of the cake. Prior to cake cutting, have the guests who donated charms pull their ribbons and tell what the charm represents. Consider having one charm for each year of the person's life. Even if time doesn't allow for pulling of 70 charms, the keepsakes can be given to the birthday person for later viewing, along with a note about who contributed each charm and what it represents.

Photo Cake

Have the birthday person's picture displayed on the cake. Use a baby picture, current picture or place one of each side by side atop the birthday sheet cake. Write "Happy 70th Birthday" to the person below the images. Have the image cake prepared by a professional bakery that provides such service or order an edible image to place atop your own cake.

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