Protein only meal ideas

Written by jenna marie | 13/05/2017
Protein only meal ideas
A protein-only meal is more than just meat. (meat image by sameer said ahmed from

Several weight-loss programs, including Atkins, South Beach and The Zone, advocate a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet. Protein is also one of the major building blocks for a healthy body. Eliminating carbs from your diet and increasing protein intake will change some of your normal breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Get inspiration from protein-only meals and prepare delicious food that will help you stick to your diet.


Protein only meal ideas
Prepare eggs any way you like--scrambled, poached, fried or hard-boiled. (eggs image by Allyson Ricketts from

Start out a protein-only diet by preparing an omelette with chopped green peppers and diced ham. Eat it plain or top it with grated cheese. Add a side of sausage or bacon for a protein-packed meal. Yet another alternative is a prepared protein shake, which usually contains whey---a high-protein supplement.


Protein only meal ideas
Protein-packed chilli makes a hearty lunch. (chilli image by Silvia Bogdanski from

Try sliced grilled chicken or turkey breast and sliced cheese wrapped in a spinach leaf for a high-protein "sandwich." Add a hard-boiled egg and a protein bar as sides. Green salad with certain vegetables are perfect---peas, green peppers, lettuce, spinach, okra, watercress, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are particularly good choices. Spread some tuna on a spinach leaf to make tasty mini wraps. A chilli made of beans and minced meat is another high-protein lunch option.


Protein only meal ideas
Fish, especially salmon, contains high levels of protein. (salmon image by cherie from

Prepare high-protein dinners using a variety of seafood and lean meats as the entrées. Seafood options include salmon, swordfish, tuna, haddock lobster and shrimp. Avoid breaded versions of these meal options. Lean steak, a grilled beef patty, pork chops and lamb chops are nice alternatives to chicken and turkey breasts. As sides, consider steamed vegetables, such as zucchini, broccoli or mangetout. Other side options include green beans, cabbage slaw, beans, or cottage cheese.


Protein only meal ideas
Olives offer protein and healthy fats. (Olives. Olives on a plate of crockery. Starter. Food image by L. Shat from

Protein-packed snacks include raw broccoli, beef jerky, a protein bar, and celery and peanut butter. Red pepper spears and fresh mangetout provide protein and crunch. Other choices are olives, cheddar cheese cubes or a hard-boiled egg.

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