18th Birthday Ideas in the UK

Written by ana cassis | 13/05/2017
18th Birthday Ideas in the UK
Choose an unusual birthday idea. (bougies image by Cédric Boismain from Fotolia.com)

Once a teenager turns 18 in the United Kingdom, he can legally drink alcohol and gain admittance to nightclubs. Celebrate this milestone birthday with sophisticated, adventurous or unusual 18th birthday ideas. Whether you're in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, make this special day memorable.

Pub Crawl

18th Birthday Ideas in the UK
Plan a pub crawl to celebrate a loved one's 18th birthday. (Pub image by Raulmahón from Fotolia.com)

Take the guest of honour on a pub crawl, which also is called a bar crawl or barhopping. Gather a group of friends together and spend the evening visiting pubs, bars and clubs. Dance, drink and listen to music. Visit multiple establishments within walking distance of each other. Put a twist on your birthday pub crawl. In addition to the basic pub crawl, you also can hold a scavenger hunt pub crawl or take a guided pub crawl tour. Tours may focus on such themes as music, ghosts or local history. Choose a theme that suits the guest of honor's tastes.

Private Dinner

18th Birthday Ideas in the UK
Choose the guest of honor's favourite restaurant for a private dinner party. (birthday cake 3 image by Julia Britvich from Fotolia.com)

Celebrate your loved one's 18th birthday with an elegant dinner. Choose a restaurant that caters to private dinner parties. Plan ahead and make reservations as soon as you know how many people will be attending the birthday event. Select a restaurant that serves the guest of honor's favourite cuisine. Request a good bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate his coming of age. Let the guests take turns making toasts. Finish the meal with the guest of honor's favourite birthday cake.

Balloon Ride

18th Birthday Ideas in the UK
Surprise the birthday girl with a balloon ride. (balloon ride image by redrex from Fotolia.com)

Treat the birthday girl to a balloon ride. This method of travel has come a long way since a duck, a sheep and a rooster became the first hot air balloon passengers in 1783, according to PBS.org. Balloon rides usually take place during sunrise or sunset. This birthday idea works well for small groups of three to four guests, as well as for larger groups of 15 to 20 passengers, according to Eballoon.org. Rides often end with champagne and the presentation of a hot air balloon certificate.

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