Emerald anniversary gifts & party ideas

Written by cindy l. smith | 13/05/2017
Emerald anniversary gifts & party ideas
The emerald anniversary (lorbeerkranz 55 image by pdesign from Fotolia.com)

An emerald, or 55th, wedding anniversary is an impressive milestone that the couple should mark with a celebration with family and friends. There are many gift and party ideas that can help make this special occasion memorable for all who attend.

Green Theme

The emerald anniversary party could feature a green theme. The main decor, including table settings and flower arrangements, could feature green as the main colour. Guests of honour can receive a green corsage, and, if possible, ask guests to wear green.

Photo Collage

A photo collage featuring snapshots of the couple's life together is a wonderful addition to an emerald anniversary party that doubles as a gift. This can be done using a poster board or the collage can be made into a short video featuring music or snippets of interviews from their friends and family members.

Guest List

The guest list for an emerald anniversary party is one of the most important aspects of the party planning. Start compiling your list and calling guests as soon as possible. The couple being honoured may have special friends who live all over the country and the world. The more notice that you give about this very special party, the more guests will likely be able to attend.

If there are some special guests who cannot make it, ask them to send a short video or letter with their well wishes. Then play the videos or read the letters during the party.


Emerald anniversary gifts & party ideas
An emerald ring (emerald ring image by studio vision 1 from Fotolia.com)

Perhaps one of the most obvious choices, emerald jewellery is one option for a 55th anniversary gift. Of course, emeralds are not the only choice. You could also opt for an emerald-cut diamond. There is appropriate jewellery for both husband and wife that is perfect for this occasion.

Emerald Isle

A trip to the Emerald Isle makes an extravagant gift for a couple celebrating their emerald anniversary. Many companies offer guided tours to Ireland. Some create them with seniors in mind. If you like the idea of a gift to the Emerald Isle but think Ireland is a bit too far to travel, there is another option.

Emerald Isle, North Carolina, is a popular seaside town. Located in the Outer Banks' Crystal Coast, it is a wonderful destination for couples who love the beach, nature and history.

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