Individual Sports Grants

Updated July 19, 2017

While the United States favours sports grants geared toward programs and non-profit organisations, many companies and private trusts throughout the world are focusing on the individual. Individual sports grants benefit young athletes through promised funding that aids in training and access to equipment necessary for development. For many, private funds deliver the only opportunity that a young athlete will ever have to reach his full potential. To find sports grants in your area, check with city governments and local chambers of commerce.

City of Monash: Individual Sports Grant

If you are involved in sports and live within the Australian city of Monash, you are eligible for individual sports grants that focus on specialised coaching, uniforms, equipment, travel and accommodations. In addition to these benefits, you may participate in sporting events all over the world. To qualify, visit the official website and fill out an application form. You must obtain a letter of endorsement from an official government agency and provide full information regarding expenses. Only athletes are available for this award. All required information is available from the official website and must be submitted to:

City of Monash c/o Recreation Services Grant Applications P.O. Box 1 Glen Waverley 3150 9518-3581

SportsAid Individual Grants

Founded in 1976, SportsAid Foundation (SAF) of the United Kingdom has provided individual sports grants to young athletes for decades. SportsAid helps in all areas of sports activities including travel, accommodation, competition fees, training and access to equipment. Providing more than 2,000 awards per year, the company has awarded tens of millions of dollars in private funding. Applicants should send required documentation to the National Governing Bodies of Sport for the activity of interest. Contact links and eligibility requirements are available from the official website.

Ron Pickering Memorial Fund

England's Ron Pickering Memorial Fund is another one of the most well-respected individual sports grants in the world. Named for its founder, the legendary teacher, coach and broadcaster, this prestigious award exemplifies sports ethics and encourages the same of young athletes and their families. If you or your family have spent a lot of money toward your sport of interest, a successful application could see some, if not all, reimbursement as well as future aid. Keep in mind, however, that any additional support you receive will affect the final amount of your award. Aid is not available to sports officials or referees. To find out if you qualify, visit the official site and fill out the application form. Submissions should be made to:

Jean Pickering 11 Wendover Drive Welwyn Herts AL6 9LT 01438-715814

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