30th Birthday Ideas for Women

Written by naomi vogel | 13/05/2017
30th Birthday Ideas for Women
Choose to celebrate (happy woman #11 image by Adam Borkowski from Fotolia.com)

On your 30th birthday, you have a choice: You can decide to "mourn the death" of your childhood or you can celebrate your life, who you are and all your accomplishments. Thirty is still young and exciting. You have much to look forward to. There is much to be proud of on your 30th birthday. For starters, you can be proud of your fantastic self and celebrate your womanhood.

Go Mountain Climbing

30th Birthday Ideas for Women
Climb a mountain (Mountain Climbing 2 image by Infs from Fotolia.com)

Do something daring and brave. Get some friends together and climb the nearest mountain. Make sure you know how and follow proper safety procedures. Perhaps take advance lessons with your friends to get well prepared. Make sure you have a photo taken of yourself atop the mountain as you scream something liberating like: "I am woman, hear me roar!; "I am a goddess!"; or "Woman Power!"


30th Birthday Ideas for Women
Travel with your girlfriends (travelling by air image by araraadt from Fotolia.com)

Keep a piggy bank well in advance of your 30th. Have your girlfriends do the same, and when you turn 30, all your friends can join you on a ladies-only trip to a place you have always wanted to go. If you have dreamed of Paris since you were a little girl, then make that your destination. Spend the vacation doing girlie things.

Romantic Evening

30th Birthday Ideas for Women
Spend time with your significant other (romantic date image by Monika Olszewska from Fotolia.com)

If you are married or in a relationship and would rather spend time with your significant other, then plan a romantic date night on the town. Make reservations for a nice restaurant, get out your sexy high heels, glam yourself up and feel great. Pretend like it is your first date again.

Pamper Yourself

30th Birthday Ideas for Women
Get a bright manicure and pedicure (manicure set image by Indigo Fish from Fotolia.com)

Get a manicure, pedicure and hit the spa. Don't be afraid to get bright colours. Rejuvenate and relax. Feel proud of your beautiful self and tell yourself you are gorgeous and amazing.

Start a Hobby

30th Birthday Ideas for Women
Take up dance lessons! (dancing image by ipal from Fotolia.com)

If you suffering from low self-esteem or wish you would have done more in life, don't mope and become discouraged. Instead, be happy and excited that many years remain to do new and amazing things. Start a new hobby on the day of your 30th birthday, perhaps one you always wanted to do. It could be anything from potterymaking to scuba diving. Sign up for lessons and begin a new chapter in your life.

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