21st birthday cake ideas for guys

Updated February 21, 2017

A 21st birthday is one of the milestones of a guy's life, given that 21 is the legal drinking age in the United States. This transition provides the basis for many 21st birthday themes, such as alcohol or simply decadence and excess. Guys may seem harder to bake for, but there are many ideas to choose from when making his 21st birthday cake.

Beer Bottle

Because 21 is the legal age for drinking, this is often a prominent theme in 21st birthday celebrations. Making a beer bottle-shaped cake is relatively simple: Trace the silhouette of a beer bottle onto a slab of cake, then cut away the excess---caramel icing is a good match for the colour of beer, and either a popular beer brand label can be piped on, or a special birthday message left in the label. Alternatively, cut the cake into the shape of a martini glass and top with a maraschino cherry.

Tower of Decadence

A tower of decadence cake is the epitome of chocolate indulgence; cut a rich chocolate mud cake horizontally into three tiers, smother melted chocolate, sweetened cream and fresh strawberries between the stacked tiers. Make a chocolate fudge ganache for the top. Melt 1 stick of butter, 4 fluid oz. cream and 198gr. dark chocolate in a pan over a medium heat---combining the butter and cream first before adding the chocolate. Pour this mixture over the cake. Let it run down the sides and ooze over the edge to create a decadent, sumptuous-looking cake.

Baby Photo

A nice way to make the birthday guy blush is to plaster a favourite baby photo across the cake: Most cake decorating services offer photo rendering onto icing. Alternatively, individual cupcakes with a different baby photo on each are a good way to showcase all his best baby pictures, and everyone at the party can compare their cute cupcakes.


A simple but totally suitable cake idea is a "21"-shaped cake. Pipe on playing cards that add up to 21 for a "lucky" Blackjack cake. Or place mini-liqueur bottles or the birthday guy's favourite candy around the edge. The "21"-shaped cake can support one theme on each numeral, so you can mix and match any two favourite hobbies, movies or activities on top of the cake.

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