French Crafts for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are a French teacher or a francophone, you can lead your children in creative crafts that will teach them about French culture, geography and history. Use basic supplies for French crafts for kids. French crafts also work well during National French Week, which is held in November.


Use 8.5 x 11 card stock to make French flags. The children also can make the flags of French-speaking countries. Use tape to attach a stick or lightweight wooden dowel to the left, back edge of each flag. You also can hang a string across the room and use clothespins to secure the flags to the string. Tell students about the history behind each flag.


Use 8.5 x 11 card stock to make handmade greeting cards. The messages the children write on and inside the card must be in French. Provide the children with a French dictionary and a grammar book. Help them practice their speaking and writing skills during this project.


Give each child a blank world map. They can use markers to colour in the countries that speak French. They also can draw each country's flag on their maps. During this project, tell the students interesting facts about each francophone country.


Make commemorative stamps and decorate them with French symbols and sites. Make the stamp's base from a piece of card stock. Use decorative scissors to cut a border around the "stamp." Use markers and other art supplies to draw famous French sites and symbols. For instance, students can draw the Eiffel Tower, Mont-Saint-Michel or the Gallic rooster. Explain the significance of each site and symbol to the students.

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