Non-toxic flea & tick control collars for dogs

Updated November 21, 2016

Every dog owner has dealt with fleas and ticks. However, not every dog owner likes the idea of using harsh or potentially dangerous chemicals on pets to eliminate those parasites. A wide range of natural flea and tick control products are available now, including chemical-free versions of flea and tick collars.

Natural Animal Herbal Flea Collar For Dogs

This collar by Natural Animal is made of cotton, which you trim to the proper size for your dog. Over time, as with any flea collar, this collar will lose strength. Unlike other collars, however, this one comes with a bottle of essential oils (Insect Shoo) that you use to "recharge" it and make it like new. Each recharge lasts three months. Ingredients used in this collar are citronella, cedarwood, lemon grass, rosemary and sesame oils (all of which are natural insect repellents). Use this collar as a safer alternative to repel insects such as fleas, ticks, gnats, mosquitos and flies.

Good Riddance Organic Flea Collar

These collars are filled with organic lavender flower buds, a natural deoderizer and flea repellent. Great for repelling fleas, mosquitos, flies and ticks, the collars come in different sizes to fit your dog (available from extra small to large). The collar is also safe for use on puppies and around children. Since it is made of comfy cotton, the collar is easy to wear, and it even calms you pet with the soothing lavender scent. If your dog is sensitive to essential oils used in other collars (such as citronella), this coud be the flea and tick control collar for you.

Natural Research People Herbal Flea Collar

Plastic infused with essential oils is used to make this particular collar. The oils are released gradually over time as your dog wears the collar, repelling fleas, ticks and other unwanted parasites (mosquitos, flies, gnats). The oils are not washed off of the collar if the dog gets caught in the rain or other outdoor elements. The effects of the collar may last up to a year, but on average the collar lasts about three months. Since some dogs are sensitive to essential oils that repel fleas, this collar is a great alternative as it contains these oils but releases them in small amounts that will not irritate your dog's skin. Oils used in the flea control formula are pennyroyal, citronella, eucalyptus, rue and cedarwood.

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