Tall English garden flowers

An English garden will give your home an intimate, cosy appeal. The picture that comes to mind when thinking of an English garden is one decorating a quaint little cottage. In cities, people tend to plant taller flowers at the back of our gardens; an authentic English garden does not follow this rule. True English gardens have an informal, non-manicured look to them.


The lupin flower can grow to a height of 90 cm (3 feet). It blooms in the late spring and comes in a wide variety of colours, including pink, yellow, orange, blue and purple.


The delphinium flower can grow to a height of 1.5 m (5 feet), and may need staking when it gets around 90 cm (3 feet) tall. The delphinium should be planted in an area where it will get full sunshine throughout the day. It comes in a wide array of blue, pink and purple colours, according to the Bella Online website.


The foxglove is a tall flower and is perfect for your English garden setting. It can grow to a height of 1.5 m (5 feet). The foxglove thrives well in areas with at least partial shade. This lovely flower comes in shades of cream, pink and mauve. It is a biennial flower and only lasts two years. You can allow the stalks to completely dry, then cut them down and shake the seeds all over your garden. They will come back the next year and be scattered throughout the area for a charming English garden look. Foxgloves bloom in early summer.

Black-eyed susan

The black-eyed Susan will add a bold look to your English garden. These tall flowers grow to a height of around 90 cm (3 feet). They have a large black centre and beautiful dark yellow petals. The black-eyed Susan is appropriate for most climates, and is an easy-to-grow flower.

Belle Story rose

No English garden would be complete without a rosebush or two. The Belle Story rose will grow to heights of 1.5 m (5 feet) and is a heavy bloomer. The Belle Story rose looks almost like a peony and comes in a soft pink colour with a golden yellow centre.

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