The Best Steam Cleaners for Grout

Updated February 21, 2017

Steam cleaners are a common household appliance. They have been popular in Europe for a long time, but only recently have they caught on in the United States. The unique thing about steam cleaners is that they are able to clean surfaces without the use of chemicals, therefore freeing users from the possible toxic effects of some chemical cleaning solvents. Steam cleaners can clean a wide variety of surfaces, including tile, shower doors and grout. Choosing the best type can be challenging, so it is wise for consumers to educate themselves on the different types.

McCulloch MC-1275

The McCulloch MC-1275 is one of the best-reviewed steam cleaners out there, and is especially effective at cleaning tile grout. It is a more budget-priced option. It comes with a wide variety of attachments, and can clean for up to an hour at a time without needing a rest. This model has received excellent customer reviews at, eBay and BuyDig. However, there are come problems with this model; some owners have complained that it lacks sufficient pressure for cleaning mildew off a shower door, and that its attachments are excessively fragile. As of 2010, this product retails at about £71.

SteamFast S-275

The SteamFast S-275 bears a strong resemblance to the McCulloch MC-1275, mostly because it is manufactured by the same company. The SteamFast has received good reviews online as well as at stores such as and the Home Depot, but it has not been as well-received as the McCulloch. The SteamFast costs about £26 as of early 2010.

Shark Ultra Steam Blaster

The Shark Ultra Steam Blaster receives better reviews than the SteamFast, although still not as good as the McCulloch. It also comes with a wide variety of extensions, including a floor attachment, brushes, a squeegee and a nozzle attachment. However, this model is much smaller than the others, and therefore runs out of water faster, meaning users will have less cleaning time in between tank refills. This steam cleaner costs about £65 as of early 2010.

WhiteWing Steamer

The WhiteWing Steamer is an example of a more high-end home steam cleaner. It costs a good deal more than the previous models, but is also stronger and can clean for longer. Its water tank can hold enough water to clean for two hours at a time without being refilled. It can produce steam at up to 141 degrees Celsius, over -1.11 degrees C higher than the other models. It has extremely high steam pressure. The WhiteWing is extremely effective in cleaning off grout or any other surface. As of 2010, it costs about £292.

LadyBug XL2300

The LadyBug XL2300 is the best-reviewed of the more high-end, professional-calibre vapour cleaners. These types of steam cleaners have many more features and get much hotter than other models, but cost a great deal more. The LadyBug is one of the strongest steam cleaners on the market, and will clear off any surface without much effort. It can cut through dirt and grease with no problem at all, and can also kill bacteria. The LadyBug costs around £942 as of 2010.

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