Different Types of Kitchen Sink and Drain Assembly

Updated April 17, 2017

Drain assemblies for kitchen sinks have changed very little over the years, basically they are comprised of a drain pipe that connects to the kitchen sink drain with a few variances. Kitchen sinks, however, are available in an ever-expanding variety of choices. You can find sinks made of numerous materials, and in many sizes and finishes.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks create the look of a seamless flow between sink and countertop. There is no outside trim placed around the outside edge of the sink, because the sink is installed from below the counter. As a result, undermount sinks are sleek and modern. Usually paired with granite countertops, undermount sinks are considered an upgrade by most builders and are a highly desirable kitchen feature.

Overmount Sinks

During installation, overmount sinks are placed into the sink cutout on the countertop. After installation, a trim kit is caulked around the top perimeter of the sink to cover the gap between sink and countertop.

Kitchen Sink Faucet Holes

Kitchen sinks have holes for a faucet and may additionally have holes for hot and cold water handles, soap dispensers or water sprayers. A sink can even have just one hole with a simple lever handle that turns the water on and rotates left for hot water or right for cold water. Shop for the hole configuration that suits your needs when looking at sinks.

Drain Assembly

Drain assembly is pretty standard among sinks. An exception would be whether a sink has or does not have a garbage disposal. In the case of a sink with a disposal, a waste assembly connects the vertical sink drain to the disposal. The drain hose from the dishwasher runs to an air gap, and another hose connects the air gap to the garbage disposal.

Water Source Line

Kitchen faucets dispense water carried from a water pipe through a 1/2-inch flexible copper line. If copper line needs to be replaced, consider using an efficient and economical flexible stainless-steel hose.

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