What brands of dog foods are grain free?

Feeding a grain-free diet is gaining popularity among pet owners; a few such major brands are listed below. Grain-free diets cater to the canine allergy sufferer and the dog with a sensitive stomach--as well as those that are healthy and active.

Innova EVO

Whole, human-grade chicken and turkey are listed first on EVO's food ingredient panels. Raw fruits and vegetables are also part of this dry dog food. Innova EVO also makes baked treats.

Nature's Variety-Instinct

This brand's foods come in frozen medallions and patties and contain 95 per cent USDA meat ground with bones. Patties or medallions thaw 24 hours in the refrigerator ahead of feeding. Nature Variety also offers freeze-dried and dry products, as well as canned food that contain no grains.

The Honest Kitchen

This grain-free option features dehydrated human-grade ingredients that the owner reconstitutes with warm water. An Honest Kitchen meal contains about 21 per cent of protein, so it ranks as a moderate-level protein diet. This makes it an excellent choice for the allergic dog or those that have kidney disease or digestive systems intolerant of high-protein diets.

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