Ideas for a Sister's 21st Birthday

You want your sister's 21st birthday to be special. This is a milestone in her life as she is legally able to drink alcohol and can start to feel like an independent adult. There are several options to make this birthday a memorable one for her, so celebrate your sister's 21st birthday in a big way.

Wine Tasting

Take your sister wine tasting for her 21st birthday. Now that she can legally drink alcohol, get a group of girls together and go out to a vineyard to sample some fine wines. If possible, make a weekend getaway out of it---go to Napa Valley or Calistoga, California. While there, your sister can not only indulge in some of the best wines in the world, but also develop her palate and learn the ins and outs of identifying great wine. Take her out to a nice dinner to end the full day out at the vineyards, and maybe even buy her a bottle or two to take home to remember the fun weekend away with the girls for this milestone birthday. If you can't afford a weekend away, buy some great wines and have a wine sampling at home with a bunch of girlfriends. Or, go to a local winery or wine bar that offers wine sampling nights.

Limo to the Clubs

No 21st birthday is complete without taking advantage of being able to go out to the nightclubs or bars and whip out the legit ID card for the bouncers. Go to some hip, fun clubs in the downtown area of your city and dance the night away with friends. And why not go out in style---get a limo to chauffeur the girls around before and after hitting the hot spots for the night. Pop some champagne and get crazy with the crew in the stretch limo while en route to the main destination. Then, have the limo driver safely send everyone home after the wild night of celebrating.

Spa Day

Your sister may want to take her 21st birthday to the extreme and hit the nightclubs and bars. Whether she does or not, she would certainly appreciate some rest and relaxation at a luxury spa after the crazy festivities, or in place of going nuts for her big day. Get some girlfriends together and take your sister to be pampered with a facial, a body scrub, a massage, a manicure and pedicure, and every other treatment the spa has to offer. Sip champagne, gossip and bask in her newly acquired adulthood.

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