Ideas for boys 17th birthday parties

Updated April 17, 2017

Throwing a birthday celebration for a 17-year-old boy is challenging. Traditional birthday party ideas seem too juvenile, but giving adolescent boys free rein probably is not good idea. However, there are great ways to celebrate a 17-year-old boy's birthday that will keep everyone happy.

Night at the Movies

People of all ages enjoy a night at the movies---especially without a parent along. Even if your 17-year-old has his driver's license, he probably can't legally drive more than a few of his friends at a time. To allow your birthday boy and his friends independence at his birthday party, drop him and his guests off at a local cinema. Give your birthday boy a gift card to cover the cost of the tickets, popcorn and soda. Everyone will have fun, and you can feel confident the party won't get too out of hand.

Sports Event

Many cities have professional or semi-professional sporting events that are relatively affordable for birthday celebrations. If your 17-year-old birthday boy is a sports fan, take him and a few of his friends to a game. To make the night even more special, consider giving your 17-year-old a piece of sports apparel to wear to cheer on the team. Don't forget to treat the guests to a few snacks during the night.

Camping Adventure

A 17-year-old with a summer birthday might really enjoy a camping adventure. Limit the guest list to just a few other boys; this will keep cost down and make it easier for the parent(s) who come along on the trip. Preparation is key to making this party a success. Book a campsite at a favourite campground a few weeks in advance. Buy your birthday boy's favourite camping food; pack the necessary supplies and perhaps a few birthday surprises, like extra presents. The boys will have a great time hiking, throwing a football, sitting by the fire and sleeping in a tent.

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