Boys 16th Birthday Party Ideas

Updated March 13, 2018

Sweet 16 parties are typically associated with girls, but boys deserve a big bash for the milestone birthday as well. Consider the personality of the birthday boy when deciding on the details of the party. Use his hobbies or interests as a guide for the theme and planning.

Pool Party

A pool party is a gender-neutral party idea that works well for a 16th birthday. Organise pool games to keep the party moving. A pool party doesn't require a lot of decorations. Hang a few 16th birthday decorations along with 16th birthday balloons to dress up the outdoor venue. Include lots of finger foods to keep the kids nourished. Finish off the pool party with a barbecue.

X Games

If your 16-year-old likes the X Games and extreme sports, use it as the theme for his birthday party. Hold the party at a skateboard park. Invite all of your son's skateboarding friends to bring their gear. Hold different competitions such as the best trick or a skateboard obstacle course. Skateboard tag is another option. Decorate a cake in the shape of a skateboard with the number 16 on it.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is another active birthday party idea for a boy's 16th birthday. Many laser tag facilities also have party rooms, so you can hold the rest of the party the kids finish playing. Because the kids will be running around during laser tag, provide lots of food and drinks to keep them hydrated and fed.

Video Games

If your son prefers video games, use them as the theme for his 16th birthday party. Set up a tournament for the kids featuring the birthday boy's favourite video games, which will keep the kids entertained for hours. Another option is to set up different video game systems throughout the party area. This gives the guests more options if they have different video game interests.

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