Birthday ideas for teenage girls

Updated February 21, 2017

Each birthday a teenage girl celebrates is likely to by symbolic and meaningful. Planning a celebration for a teen girl should include a party, activity or event that makes her and her friends feel mature, without turning them completely loose. Choose a party theme or activity that fits in with her personality, lifestyle, interests and the birthday budget.

Themed Parties

If you're planning a party, use a theme that excites you and your friends, whether it's a co-ed party or for the girls only. A spa or makeover themed diva sleepover works for a girls-only party. Include manicures, pedicures, hair styles and a fashion show. A murder mystery party works for girls only and co-ed parties. Include a fancy dinner for an elegant and dramatic effect. Host an elegant all-out glamour party with a red carpet and request your guests to dress to impress. This works like a celebrity awards show. Alternately, make it a black-and-white party so guests have to wear only those two colours. The birthday princess, or diva, adds in an extra colour, such as pink, to stand out in the crowd.

A musician, dancer or actress will enjoy a party centred on her favourite band, movie or reality TV show. Make a music video, song or act out a movie. Video game parties, especially featuring multiplayer, interactive games are great if you and your friends enjoy gaming.

Outings or Activities

Outings or activities make a teen birthday celebration significant and special, in addition to a party or in lieu of one. Get tickets to a concert for you and a few of your closest friends. Spend the day shopping at a major mall, have dinner at a fancy restaurant and sleep over at a nice hotel with a pool or spa. Get a group of friends together and spend the day at the beach, an amusement park or water park.


Celebrate the birthday of the teen girl in your life by giving her a gift that she'll love. If she wants something in particular that's beyond your budget, have a group of friends or relatives pitch in to give her a collective gift, such as a laptop. Jewellery, clothes, shoes, personal music players or gift tokens to her favourite store are gifts that most teen girls enjoy.

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