Floral Arrangement Ideas With a Long & Low Fall

Written by aya pauli | 13/05/2017
Floral Arrangement Ideas With a Long & Low Fall
Cascading floral arrangements have a long and low fall. (le bouquet image by Gilles Paire from Fotolia.com)

Floral arrangements with a long and low fall, also known as cascading or teardrop arrangements, have an elegant silhouette. The full arrangements consist of tall or short flowers on top and long flowers on the bottom that cascade downward. The flowing design is popular for fancy wedding bouquets and tall table centrepieces.

Elegant Lily Bouquet

Floral Arrangement Ideas With a Long & Low Fall
Calla lilies have an elegant shape. (Calla image by Zane Billings from Fotolia.com)

A cascading lily bouquet has an innocent and elegant style that's popular with brides worldwide. The arrangement starts with a slanted bouquet holder manufactured specifically for cascading wedding bouquets. Circle the edges of the bouquet with large ivy leaves secured close to the holder. Add several, long pieces of ivy in assorted lengths falling from the lower part of the bouquet.

Bend small, medium and large calla lilies to create a simple cascade of flowers from the lower bouquet. Use the flowers to fill in the basic circular shape of the upper and lower bouquet. Add small ivy leaves and white rosebuds to fill in the body of the bouquet. Wrap a small white ribbon around the base of the bouquet and tie it into a bow with long ends.

Modern Orchid Centerpiece

Floral Arrangement Ideas With a Long & Low Fall
Yellow orchids have delicate shapes with bold colours. (wild orchid image by Kho Guan Ann from Fotolia.com)

Update your party tables with cascading floral arrangements in a colourful and modern style. Place three tall bird of paradise flowers standing straight up in a tall, fluted, black glass vase. Bend the stems on two more bird of paradise flowers and slip them into the vase so that they cascade downward. Add seven, thin, twisted willow branches standing up in the vase to finish the tall part of the centrepiece.

Add long pieces of fern to fill in the upper area of the centrepiece. Bend enough ferns to fill out the lower arrangement, with long fern strands hanging down. Scatter the whole bouquet with yellow and light green orchids in small and medium sizes. Fill the remaining arrangement with a few orange and white orchids.

Sparkling Rose Centerpiece

Floral Arrangement Ideas With a Long & Low Fall
Combine white roses and glitter for a sparkling centrepiece. (white rose 1 image by Graham Lumsden from Fotolia.com)

Create a tall and sparkling flower centrepiece to add a glamorous touch to any event. Fill the bottom of a tall, gold tower vase with pebbles for stability. Lightly coat strands of white-tipped faux ivy with silver glitter spray. Add several long strands of the ivy in assorted lengths cascading down the vase. Bend the stems on a few long, white roses and rosebuds. Add them to the vase so that they fall over the cascading ivy.

Add several short and long strands of sparkling, tiny, clear crystal bead branches sticking up and cascading down. Create a fan-shaped arrangement with tall white roses and rosebuds sticking out of the top of the vase. Scatter six gold glitter-dusted, white roses among the upper area. Add a few short strands of ivy to fill in the arrangement.

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