Traditional Hindu Baby Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

The godh bharna, which is sometimes written as godh bharai, is a Hindu celebration held for a woman in her seventh month of pregnancy. The term godh bharna itself means “to fill the lap,” and during the celebration, the other guests will place presents for the mother and baby in the mother's lap, symbolising an abundance of good fortune and wealth.

Baby Clothing

New baby clothing is a good choice for the occasion. Choose clothing that could be for babies of either sex. Some people assume that other people will bring clothing for newborns, and choose to bring clothing intended for wear months down the line.


Traditionally, the money offered to a mother at her godh bharna is given in the form of silver rupees, but today it is often offered in the form of paper money, as well. Choose denominations that end in 1 for good luck. Amounts like 21 dollars, 51 dollars and 101 dollars are often seen as auspicious.


Small silver or gold charms can be given to the mother, who will keep them for her baby. Silver and gold charms can symbolise a long and wealthy life, and are a perfect small gift to offer to a woman on her godh bharna.


At a traditional godh bharna, the mother is nearly always given a coconut that has been painted with a red swastika. The swastika is an ancient symbol in India and has positive connotations, including luck, wealth and happiness.

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