Money-Making Self-Employment Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Work-at-home opportunities require planning and skill assessment. Service-based jobs are among the top moneymaking self-employment ideas that have long-term stability. Self-employed individuals can make their own work hours and may be paid well for helping others meet personal or professional goals.

Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist consults with individual professionals, small businesses and corporations to determine their marketing goals. She will develop marketing strategies for clients who need to enhance their brand awareness. Publicity is an additional service that often becomes part of the marketing plan. Public relations can be one of the most glamorous moneymaking self-employment ideas for those who work with high-profile clients. Most of the duties that a public relations business entails can be completed at home.

Public relations specialists also must build a large network of contacts and resources that benefit their clients. These contacts include journalists, party planners, radio disc jockeys, lawyers and executives at large companies. Dependence on relationships, client lists and previous work to succeed makes the start-up costs minimal.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapy provides opportunities for self-employed adults to generate a steady income from repeat customers. Advance training is necessary to become a massage therapist. Certification is also required in some states.

There are three options for men and women who want to become a self-employed massage therapist. Those who want to work at home can use a guest room or extra bedroom for their appointments. Therapists can also rent space at a spa that already has a client base to generate income. Direct home visits are another option for entrepreneurs considering massage therapy as one of their moneymaking self-employment ideas. In addition to possible business license fees, the start-up costs for working as a massage therapist can total £325 or more. These expenses usually cover equipment, including massage tables, chairs, towels, music and oils needed to perform massage.

Computer Specialist

Consumers' lack of knowledge about technology makes computer specialists among the top moneymaking self-employment ideas. Men and women who perform this job can work from home, depending on the tasks involved for each job they accept. A computer specialist can also make more money performing on-site services at their clients' homes. The services provided by computer specialists usually involve computer set-up, software installation, networking, data recovery and upgrades. Working as a computer specialist also requires knowledge in virus removal and basic troubleshooting. The computer specialist business may require long work hours and can become one of the more labour intensive money making self employment ideas. Start-up costs may include computer hard drives, keyboards and various software products.

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