Room attendant duties

Written by lynda moultry belcher | 13/05/2017
Room attendant duties
Room attendants prepare hotel rooms for incoming guests. (hotel room image by Albert Lozano from

Room attendants are responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of guest rooms in hotels, inns and other forms of guest accommodations. Each attendant must perform specific duties to ensure hotel rooms are well-appointed and flawless for each incoming guest.

Check for Vacancy

Room attendants are responsible for ensuring each room they clean and maintain is vacant. They check with the front desk about guest checkouts each day, and also check the room, as well as the bathroom and closet, to be sure that guests have vacated and removed their belongings from the room. If there is any damage to the room or if items have been left behind, it is the duty of the room attendant to report it to his supervisor or hotel management.

Room Cleaning

Room attendants are responsible for the overall cleanliness of hotel guest rooms. The attendant must change the bed linens and make the bed. She should vacuum any carpeted areas of the room and clean floors and upholstery such as couches and chairs. The attendant is responsible for the overall cleanliness of the bathroom, including cleaning toilets, shower stalls, bathtubs and sinks.


The room attendant is responsible for restocking several components of the guest room. He should replenish the supply of beverages and snacks in the minibar and provide any utensils and dishes that belong in the room. The attendant should also restock bathroom toiletries, as well as towels, extra blankets and other linens that belong in the room. He should also go through the room and make sure all electronic devices work, including televisions, radios, alarm clocks and telephones.

Guest Requests

The room attendant is responsible for attending to the needs of individual guests, including taking laundry and dry cleaning, and making sure special accommodation requests are answered.

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