Platinum Anniversary Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

The modern gift associated with the 20th wedding anniversary is platinum. Purchasing a platinum anniversary gift, however, does not have to be for the 20th anniversary. Platinum is less common than gold or silver, hence it's higher cost and limited availability. Find a platinum gift that's perfect for the recipient to celebrate another year of marriage.

Jewellery for Her

Give her a new platinum ring to replace her original wedding ring, a new ring for her other hand, or upgrade her old wedding band with a platinum addition. A platinum necklace and pendant, particularly something with meaning such as a locket or heart, is another jewellery option. Other platinum jewellery choices include bracelets, anklets, charms, earrings or a watch.

Jewellery for Him

His wedding ring can also be replaced or upgraded with a platinum band. If he enjoys wearing jewellery, consider a platinum chain and bracelet set, dog tags, belt buckles, cufflinks, pocket watch or a wrist watch. For the couple, consider matching watches or rings made of platinum.


Purchase a platinum picture frame to hold a favourite wedding or anniversary picture. Platinum figurines, sculptures, paper weights or other decorative items that match her personality are another option. Purchase a rose or calla lily that is preserved in a layer of platinum. If you want to take it further, purchase a platinum vase to present the rose in, or give her fresh roses in a new platinum vase.

Everyday Items

Give him a new razor set, made of platinum. He'll use this often and always be reminded of your wedding anniversary when he does. A platinum comb may add to your bathroom decor, while being practical at the same time. Give her a platinum and pearl French twist comb or eyelash comb. Platinum pen sets or key rings are other everyday items that are available in platinum.

Fine china or dinnerware trimmed in platinum makes for an elegant gift, as do wine glasses or champagne flutes of crystal and platinum. A platinum wine set with a bottle of their favourite wine, or the same wine as they served at their wedding, would be appropriate.

For a different take on platinum, consider giving him a copy of his favourite band's platinum album along with concert tickets.

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