Exercise Equipment for the Wheelchair Disabled

Updated February 22, 2017

There are many innovative options for wheelchair users as far as exercise equipment is concerned. Several companies specialise in producing and selling this equipment, which allows for those with physical disabilities to develop an effective exercise regimen in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Track

Designed by Sportaid, a reputable supplier of wheelchair exercise equipment for both nonwheelchair and wheelchair users, The Track is a wall-mounted unit designed for optimised strength and conditioning exercises. Focusing on upper, middle and lower extremity exercises, it allows for full range of motion and plenty of room for a wheelchair. The Track is mostly utilised for sports-specific and weight training.

Vitaglide Wheelchair Exercise Machine

Another wheelchair-friendly piece of equipment is the Vitaglide Wheelchair Exercise Machine. Designed for athletes of all fitness level, it provides a more complete workout for more muscle groups in the arm and upper body than most other pieces of equipment. With a concentration on shoulder strength, it provides a wide number of options and rehabilitative exercises to prevent or treat shoulder injuries.

Wheelchair Workout

A Colonial Medical Assisted Devices product, the Wheelchair Workout is effective for full-body resistance training for people in wheelchairs. Less complex than other pieces of exercise equipment and weighing just 1.36kg., this product targets the upper body as well as the quads, hamstrings and calves. It is extremely easy to use and is convenient for those who don't have enough room for large pieces of exercise equipment.

Apex Challenge Circuit 7000

Optimised for wheelchair users, the Challenge Circuit 7000 is designed to allow paraplegic and quadriplegic individuals to have an effective and complete weight training and exercise workout. With several settings to accommodate various hand and arm strengths, it provides a full workout for both users with and without wheelchairs with no assistance needed.

Powerfit 3000 Rickshaw Exerciser

Designed to optimise wheelchair use, the Powerfit 3000 duplicates all of the arm motions necessary for properly and effectively manoeuvring and using a wheelchair. Focusing on the arm muscles needed to propel and steer the wheelchair, the Powerfit 3000 allows for stationary practice for those who need it and an intense arm workout for those who don't.

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