Cool birthday ideas for a four year-old

Updated July 19, 2017

When a child's birthday comes around, you may feel hesitant to buy or plan for anything when you are not quite sure what they want or need. A birthday party can also be quite a hectic event for any parent, and you may feel lost concerning what presents to buy, as well as how to entertain a group of little kids. But there are many options and suggestions available to make your little one's favourite day a huge success.

Gift Ideas

A 4-year-old usually has their own taste, even at such a young age. They may enjoy certain cartoons or television shows, as well as different types of animals, and you can use these ideas to help you find the perfect birthday gift. For birthday presents, stuffed animals, action figures and dolls are always good ideas. If you want to enhance the child's learning, you can find board games, computer games and video games designed just for his age group. Also, building blocks such as Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys have long been staples for children that age, and would serve as excellent presents for a 4-year-old.

Party Decorating

If you plan on having a birthday party for the 4-year-old, you will first want to know what the child would like for a theme. Obviously, you do not want to decorate your home with colours he dislikes or decorations of television shows he never watches. After you've decided on a theme you know your 4-year-old will love, you can then incorporate the decorative touches to the party space. Party balloons, streamers, place settings and the cake should involve the party's theme. Some tried and true party themes include Tea Party, Princess Party, Superhero Party, Dinosaur Party and Jungle Party. You can also incorporate the child's favourite things into the theme of the party; for instance, if he likes firefighters, you can design your cake to look like a fire truck, and have all of the party goers wear firemen's hats.

Party Games

Games played at a 4-year-old's birthday party should always keep the kids entertained while still keeping them out of trouble. Some traditional party games include Pin the Tail on the Donkey, which you can change to fit your own party theme; for instance, if your theme is Princess Party, you can change the Donkey to a Frog and have the blindfolded children try to kiss the frog on his lips while wearing lipstick. You can also play a simple game of bean bag toss by carving out a hole in a cardboard box and having the children aim their beanbags into the hole. The Parenting Toddlers website suggests giving the children bubble wands so that they can enjoy themselves without competing in games and becoming frustrated as a result. Remember that if you give away prizes, you should make every child feel like a winner so that they don't go home sad after a party.

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