Travel Lodges in Scotland

Updated April 17, 2017

Scotland may be famous for its Highlands and quiet countrysides, but there are a number of changes going on throughout the country. One major change is travel lodges. In the past, travel lodges were small pubs with one or two room accommodations; today, travel lodges are chain hotels popping up in major cities and larger towns. Today's travel lodges are modelled after the quaint pub accommodations of the past including budget-priced hotel rooms.

Travel Lodge

Travel Lodge is the largest chain of travel lodges in Scotland. With locations in all major cities and towns, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, Travel Lodge offers quality rooms for a low rate. Most hotels have less than 100 rooms. Guests can enjoy basic rooms with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay away from home. The quaint rooms are plainly decorated with small but private bathrooms with showers. Rooms also have cable television and Internet access. Each Travel Lodge has a pub-style restaurant for inexpensive family dining.

Premier Inn

Premier Inn has over 100 travel lodges across Scotland. From Edinburgh to Peterborough, Premier Inns generally have 75 to 100 rooms. The hotels are all designed with the same interior, but the exteriors may be a little different. Housed in city centres and large villages, Premier Inns have basic hotels rooms with double-size beds, TVs and Internet access. Each room also has a private bathroom. The hotel has a small sitting lounge for visitors to enjoy as well as a family-style restaurant with affordable dining.


Ibis Hotels are popular travel lodges that have hundreds of locations in England. The large chain has recently branched into Scotland with locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow. These travel lodges are larger with a variety of room sizes. You can book single or double rooms with in-suite bathrooms and other amenities such as room service and cable TV. Rooms are not overly decorated and have basic furniture. The hotel lobbies are a bit more extravagant, decorated differently at each location. Ibis also has lounge areas and a restaurant for guests to enjoy.

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