Unique Frog Gifts

Written by elizabeth arnold | 13/05/2017
Unique Frog Gifts
Frog gifts can complement any decor. (frog image by Tijara Images from Fotolia.com)

Frog enthusiasts will appreciate unique gifts featuring their favourite amphibious creatures. Frog-inspired items range from whimsical to elegant, depending on the design and material with which they are made. For a vibrant, cheerful gift, choose items made to resemble rainbow coloured rainforest frogs or lime green tree frogs. Items featuring a frog design can be used to decorate any space, from a patio to a bathroom.

Frog Jewelry

Delight a female friend with frog-inspired jewellery. Buy a silver or gold charm that clips to a chain-style bracelet. Choose an elegant frog-shaped pendant made of sterling silver and abalone shell, which features iridescent hues of blue, green and amber. Delicate gold frog earrings featuring crystal eyes will make a charming gift, or pick a vibrantly coloured enamelled hair clip and pin set.

Garden and Patio Decor

Frog designs are ideal for garden and patio decor items. Choose a whimsical yard stake featuring a frog with a fly on its tongue for a garden enthusiast. Colourful frog-inspired sun catchers will display a rainbow pattern around a patio, while a wind chime will provide soft tinkling sounds. Frog-shaped stones can be used to decoratively line flower beds or garden pathways.

Frog Office Supplies

Present a nature lover with frog-inspired office items. A vibrant mouse pad featuring a colourful rainforest frog will brighten up any desk. Buy a matching frog-enhanced desk set, such as a stapler, note clip and whimsical pewter business card holder. For an elegant look, choose a cloisonné frog paperweight featuring gold-plated metal and colourful enamel details. Round out any office-related gift with a calendar that displays a different type of frog each month.

Frog Stationery

For a personalised gift, choose frog-enhanced stationery. Pick a set featuring recycled paper, frog designs and a "think green" message. Enhance the gift with colourful tree or rainforest frog stickers, which the recipient can use to decorate the envelopes. Give an outdoor enthusiast a field notebook featuring a frog-patterned cover; she can use the notebook to take notes while observing nature.

Frog-shaped String Lights

Present frog-shaped string lights to a friend who loves entertaining outdoors. He can wrap the lights around deck or stair railings for a festive look. The recipient can decorate tree branches with the lights, which will provide a soft lighting element for outdoor dinner parties.

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