Jewel Quest III Stop Cheats

Updated April 17, 2017

"Jewel Quest 3" continues the popular "Jewel Quest" series with more maps, destinations and special extras. The basic formula of Jewel Quest remains intact in "Jewel Quest 3:" you play an Indiana Jones-type adventurer who travels the world, unearthing treasures by solving jewel-matching puzzles. There are a few hints that can help you in your quest, including the coveted "freeze game board" cheat.

Freeze Game Board

One of the most sought-after cheats in "Jewel Quest 3" is the "freeze game board" secret. This gives you the ability to take stock of your options and plan your next move without the pressure of the clock forcing you to make a mistake. To freeze the game board in "Jewel Quest 3," pause the game and then hold "Ctrl." Using the mouse, move the menu to the side of the screen. This will enable you to view most of the game board while the clock is not ticking. You can move the menu about to view different areas.

Quest Pointers

If your progress in "Jewel Quest 3" is hindered by being unsure where to go next, simply exit the Map Room by moving into the Lobby. When you re-enter the Map Room, the game globe will have automatically repositioned itself so that the best quest for you to attempt next is at the middle of the globe.

Invisible Jewels

As the goal in "Jewel Quest 3" is to turn the entire board gold by matching jewels, you may find there are times when you just need to see the board itself: the jewels just get in the way. To view the game board without jewels on it and determine which squares have been turned gold, hold the "Ctrl" and "Left Shift" keys. The jewels will temporarily vanish and you can view the board, with gold squares still highlighted.

Hidden Quests

Each region in "Jewel Quest 3" has a regular goal and a Hidden Quest. If you complete the Hidden Quests, you will be able to return to the region to compete in the harder, more rewarding Gold Quests. In Central America, the Hidden Quest is to match four gems in a row. South America's Hidden Quest is to force a tiebreaker against your opponent. Europe's is to exactly match your opponent's first three moves: try playing against a slower opponent like Emma. Africa's Hidden Quest is to horizontally match five gold Lion Coins, and Oceana's is to collect 150 silver coins in one place. China's tricky Hidden Quest is to complete the area without letting any monkeys fall to the bottom of the board. It doesn't matter if they escape their cages: just don't let them reach the bottom of the board!

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