PSP Flying Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Updated February 21, 2017

The Grand Theft Auto series puts you in control of a hardened criminal as he takes odd jobs for various local crime lords, or sometimes just goes and steals as many cars as he can for little more than personal amusement. As much fun as it is to steal cars in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories, sometimes you just want to get above it all and get away. There are a few interesting little cheats and tips in the game that allow you to get airborne.

Perfect Traction

It seems counter-intuitive to use a code for perfect traction to get you in the air, but that's just what this one does. Type in the code, DOWN, LEFT, UP, L1, R1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X, and your car will not only handle better on the ground, but hop way up when you press the DOWN button again. Hop is a little bit of an understatement, but what goes up does come down fairly quickly.


For anyone aiming to log some real flight time, the game does include a handful of helicopters that are fairly easy to find. There are, in fact, two Mavericks that you will locate through playing the missions "The Calm before the Storm" and "False Idols." If you're trying to snag one outside of a mission, you can try around the north side of the stadium, and you'll find a helipad. You can jack that helicopter and take off. Controlling a helicopter is fairly intuitive, but may take some practice. "Square" and "X" control the rotor speed-and thus the height of the vehicle, and the analogue stick directs your craft in flight.


Once you've played all of the story missions, you will be able to find a Hunter helicopter at Escobar Airport. Instead of entering the building with the ticket counters, go left to where you'll find an aeroplane with the word "Plummet." Run to the end of the runway, and then head East, where you'll find a green helicopter. The Hunter is a military helicopter capable of firing guns when you press "Square" and "X" together, or rockets when you press the "Circle" button.

Cheat Device

If the helicopter isn't enough, there is a program that will hack the game and allow you to do all kinds of slightly more odd things. The hover bike, for example, or giving your character the ability to super jump are all possible using the Cheat Device, which you can find under Resources. This device is not supported by Sony or Rockstar, and may cause damage to your game files, so use with caution.

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