Code Word Games for Kids

Written by qyou stoval
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Code Word Games for Kids
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Code word games for kids will develop their analytical skills, and also their ability to problem solve and use deductive reasoning. There are many games that kids can play on the Internet or physically with their friends and family that are entertaining and also educational. Many code word games for kids are free and can be played with a piece of paper. Playing code word games with your kids is another way to enjoy family time.


Hangman is a game of one player guessing a secret word. One opponent will spell out a word on a piece of paper by writing a line for each letter that spells the code word. Next, the player will guess letters he thinks spell the code word. If the letter he chooses is not in the code word, a picture of a stick man is drawn. Each letter that is not in the code word represents a body part of the “hangman.” If the entire hangman is drawn before the code word is guessed, the guesser loses. The hangman consists of a head, neck, two arms, a torso and two legs, which represent seven incorrect answers.


Password requires players who are split into teams to take turns writing approximately 5 to 10 words on small sheets of paper. The words on the pieces of paper are considered passwords for the game. One player from the opposing team is selected to choose a password from the opposite team's list of passwords. The player does not get to see the password. She must give it to her teammates. The opposing teammates must give a one-word clue to what the password is. The player must guess the password based on the clues.

Code Word

Code word is an online game. The goal of code word is to determine the code in a five-letter word that is behind dark spaces. The player guesses the code word by choosing five different letters at a time. If the letter chosen in a combination is correct, she will get a yellow circle indicating the letter is correct, just in the wrong place, or a dark circle, meaning the letter is correct and in the correct position. The player has 10 guesses before she either wins or loses. The player will always have the same letters available to her to choose from in different combinations to get the correct answer.

Code Breaking

This online game displays letters that are covered with unusual symbols. Using his mouse, your child will choose a letter and drag and drop it over the symbol. The corresponding symbol will turn red on the screen to indicate how many letters that symbol corresponds to in the code words. After all the letters are used, it will spell out a message.

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