Storage Ideas for Under a Window

Updated March 23, 2017

Whether you have a big bay window with a built-in bench or a smaller window at the end of a hallway or gallery, that area can provide a perfect place for storage or utility use. You don't have to modify your home to include a built-in, either; simple, inexpensive furniture can maximise use of these small areas. Consider the window's room and your needs when you decide what to place in these small spaces.

Window Seat Bench Storage

With any kind of window providing a seat, especially bay windows, the most obvious storage add-on is the window seat over a storage bin. With very wide bay windows, building in a window seat bracketed by shelves can create comfortable, workable table or desk space as well as extra storage area. A hinged seat can cover an area perfect for storing blankets, slippers or other useful items that often clutter rooms.

Simple Shelves

Smaller under-window areas require smaller storage ideas, the simplest of these being shelves. If you have the right measurements under your window, inexpensive pressboard shelves from a department store are the easiest and quickest solution. If the space beneath your window is an odd size, you may want to build your own small shelf unit.

Hidden Lazy Susan and Pull-Outs

Sometimes you have an exceptionally deep space beneath a window that is inconvenient to access. Using lazy Susans and pull-out units can bring all that space to you, while keeping your clutter organised and hidden away.

Lazy Susans are particularly flexible space solutions. Sold at Ikea, Home Depot and dozens of online retailers, a D-shaped multilevel lazy Susan hidden behind cabinet doors can make the most of an odd-shaped space beneath a bay window. In areas where a lazy Susan doesn't make sense, pull-out organisers instead of drawers can give you space for storing smaller items like gardening implements or cleaning supplies.

Utility Cabinet

If you have a large appliance such as a space heater or vacuum that needs a convenient hiding place, installing a simple one- or two-door utility cabinet might be the best use for that under-window area. This is especially useful for hall areas or a foyer.

Drawer Space

In bedrooms and dining rooms, drawer space is a great use for the area under your window. Wide, shallow drawers beneath tall dining-room windows are great for storing tablecloths and serving platters. In gabled bedroom window areas, a dresser or built-in drawers can greatly expand the storage area available to children or guests.

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