Top Night Clubs in England

Updated April 17, 2017

Though England is known for its pubs and taverns, it is also home to some of the world's best night clubs and dance venues. You'll find clubs with three or more dance floors, elaborate sound systems and world-renowned DJs. Hit these clubs on high-profile weekend nights for the best DJs and dance scenes, or on weekdays or student nights for lower entry fees and drink deals.

Ministry of Sound

The Ministry of Sound opened in London in 1991, and its popularity has grown ever since. The club, specialising in dance and techno music, is now one of London's most famous nightspots. DJ Magazine ranked the Ministry of Sound sixth in its 2009 "Top 100 Clubs" rankings. The Ministry of Sound books world-renowned DJs for its club nights, and also produces dance music compilation CDs. Purchase entry tickets in advance or arrive early to purchase tickets at the door. The club offers student ticket rates and drink discounts several nights a week.

Ministry of Sound 103 Gaunt St. London SE1 6DP UK 011 (+44) (0) 870 060 0010


Head to Fabric for one of London's best dance club experiences. Home to the famous FabricLive nights, this club ranked second in DJ Magazine's 2009 "Top 100 Clubs" rankings. Like Ministry of Sound, Fabric also releases compilation CDs based on its FabricLive club nights. This industrial chic club is located in an old factory building. Now the vast spaces rumble with the club's high-quality sound system. The club has three dance floors, each complete with elaborate light shows. Purchase tickets in advance to ensure you'll be able to get in, or arrive at the door at 10 p.m. on Friday or 11 p.m. on Saturday to stand in the ticket line. Expect to hear Breaks and Hip Hop music on Fridays, and Techno, House and Electronica on Saturdays.

Fabric 77A Charterhouse St. London EC1M 3HN UK 011 (+44) (0) 207 336 8898

The Bridge Bar and Club

The Bridge Bar and Club is famous among Oxford students, who refer to it simply as "The Bridge." The club is open every night but Sunday, and it hosts student nights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays of most weeks. Escape your studies and enjoy The Bridge's three dance floors, each with distinct moods. One floor is reserved for hip-hop and R&B, one for techno and trance and one for classics and "cheese." If you get tired of dancing, rest in one of the club's sleek, modern lounge areas. Get on the guest list ahead of time by visiting the Guest List section of the club's website and entering your name in a form.

The Bridge 6-9 Hythe Bridge St. Oxford OX1 2EW UK 011 (+44) (0) 186 524 2526

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