Wardrobe closet drape ideas

Updated March 27, 2018

Wardrobe closets are ideal for storing your clothes and giving you a place to get dressed. While some people use doors to separate their closet from the rest of their room, others prefer using drapes in their doorway in order to give a more airy feel to the room or gain more usable floor space that a door would otherwise take up. Considering the style of your room will help you to choose right curtain for your space.

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains are reminiscent of the 1970s and add a vintage feel to most spaces. Brightly coloured beaded curtains are available in many party and home decor shops. More elegant versions are also available in home decor shops, including curtains featuring crystal-like beads or hand-painted clay beads.

If your decor is not boldly retro, you might consider one of the more updated versions of this classic solution. While a beaded curtain won't give you much privacy when you are changing, it will help to visually divide one space from another.


Window sheers can easily be hung in wardrobe doorways in order to visually separate one area from another. Like beaded curtains, they will not provide privacy.

Sheers used in the doorway can match those hung on windows in the room, or pick up on accent colours used in the rest of the decor. Sheers come in untextured and textured varieties and in materials from polyester to silk. Polyester may be more durable in a doorway that is frequently used.

Sheers featuring a subtle pinstripe can add height to a room with lower ceilings, while plain sheers fade subtly into the background.

Traditional Panels

Traditional window panels can be used on wardrobe closet doorways in order to create privacy and separate one space from another. Satin, poplin and tapestry are all options for panel materials. The panel can be matched to the other window panels in the room and hung from the ceiling in order to create the visual illusion of another window in your space.


The right hardware will provide a nice finishing touch to your wardrobe closet drape. You might use decorative rods with interesting finials and matching tiebacks. Another option would be to install a curved rod that allows for more room to push the curtains to the side when not in use. Curtain tracks hung from the ceiling create maximum height, especially when curtains hang all the way down to the floor.

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