Air Powered Engraving Tools

Air powered engravers are powered by a compressor that produce high speeds with little noise. The air powered engraver has very little vibration and is easy to use for long hours without fatigue. They use 1/16-inch steel burs and cutters to engrave and carve. There are several versions and different levels of quality air powered engravers available. These engravers can be used to carve and engrave on plastic, wood, glass, stone and various types of metal.

Air Chasing Graver

The Air Chasing Graver is the smallest and most customisable hand engraving impact tool available. It offers 2,520 to an incredible 24,500 adjustable impacts per minute, with a stroke length of a few thousands of a inch to 3/8 of an inch.

Turbo Air Carver

The Turbo Carver is a hand-held high speed air driven power carver. It offers a powerful 400,000 RPM, oil-less operation, and variable speed foot control. The carver has a optional water mist system. The Turbo Carver uses 1/16 inch diameter dental burs.This unit spins the cutter or burs to carve and engrave.

Shofu Carving Tool

The Shofu has a dental lab hand piece, and oil-free operation, variable speed foot control, high speed air driven power carver and engraver. This unit is for the professional who needs a carver that will stand up to daily use. This is a rotary-style engraver.

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