The Best Trees to Grow by a House

Updated February 21, 2017

Trees add beauty, offer privacy, provide shade, protect the house from harmful effects of natural calamities and provide enjoyment for generations in any residential property. Growing trees that are suitable for the house and its surrounding will add enduring value to the house property.


Flowering trees add colour to a garden and fragrance to enrich the atmosphere. Fruit-bearing trees beautify a garden in full bloom and residents can enjoy the fruit they bear. Fast-growing trees screen unsightly views, and trees with dense foliage provide shelter from the sun.


Trees grown near houses should have small to medium-sized tops and tidy rooting habits. Large trees with spreading crowns and invasive root systems could damage the roof and the foundation of the house.


Deciduous trees change colour and shed their leaves in winter. They are a colourful addition to a garden. They provide shade in summer and let in light during winter. Evergreen trees have year-round foliage and provide protection from the heat of the sun. They act as windbreakers around houses that are exposed to strong winds. They also provide a house with year-round privacy.

Climate and Soil

Suitable trees for planting around the house depend on the climate and the type of soil. Native breeds of trees adapt best to local conditions. Different types of trees thrive in different natural conditions. Some trees grow well in sandy soil, especially around houses located near the sea. Some thrive in hot, dry climates and others in wet soil.


Local authorities restrict the type and number of trees that can be grown around a house. Regulations also govern the planting location of trees near houses. Before planting a tree, check if the location of the tree and ultimate size of the tree will trespass into the property of a neighbour or obstruct utility lines or public pathways.

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