Ideas for Inscription on a Son's Headstone

Updated March 23, 2017

Each time you visit your son's grave, his headstone is the first thing you will see. Most headstones have the deceased son's name, his date of birth and the date that he passed away. Lots of parents are so devastated by the death of their child that they have a hard time deciding what should be inscribed on his headstone. When making this decision, you should think of what he liked, what words describe him, and what were his favourite phrases or quotes. Ultimately, the headstone should be all about your son.

Alternate Names

If your son had a nickname, inscribe it on his headstone. For instance, if his name was Thomas, but everyone knew him as Tommie, you could put his nickname on the headstone somewhere. Your son's nickname could also be something his friends called him, such as Wally, Ace or Junior. This type of inscription could read "known to the world as Wally."

Epitaphs & Quotes

An epitaph or quote is always a good inscription idea for your son's headstone. Some parents are not given the opportunity to say goodbye before their son passes away. For these parents, an inscription like "Rest in peace son," or "Sleep, my little one, sleep," may be appropriate. There are also many scriptures from the Bible that a parent can choose from. An epitaph should describe the character or beliefs of your son. One example is "His true wealth was in his generous heart. And what endless wealth he did have."


If you're a parent who writes poetry or has a poem that your son wrote in his life, you can inscribe that poem on his headstone. The ability to inscribe a poem onto your son's headstone depends on the length of the poem and the size and shape of the headstone. If you purchase a large headstone, you can fit a poem onto the headstone. If the poem is short, such as four or six stanzas, it will fit a smaller headstone. Then each time you visit your son's grave, you can read the poem and think about what it really means. Maybe he wrote the poem because he was feeling a particular way, or it was something you always wanted to say to him but never got the chance to say. Whatever the case may be, the poem could help soothe you when you read it.

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